Sunday, 18 October 2009

Tiree over and out

No more wind in Tiree meant the result stayed the same. Timo takes his
first Wave title, I finished 2nd and Dany Bruch was 3rd. We all won
swords which is probably the best prize ever. Coupled with my shield
from last year, I am now pretty much equipped for highland battle,
should the need arise! Despite the lack of wind we had really good
conditions for paddle boarding all week. Me and Hunty were out 3 hours
every day. Check out the shots from Chris Hughes. The overall title
race now sees Ben leading by 0.3 of a point going into the final event
of the year in Gwithians. Not sure what I need to do to take the
title, but a win would probably be the best! Lets see what happens in
2 weeks time!

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