Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Perfect day

Had a almost perfect last day of sailing in the north of Fuerte. Got
up early in the hope of scoring Majanicho again, but it didn't happen,
so I went for a fun surf at El Hierro and then thought that would be
it for the day. Luckily though I got a call from Gibson just after
lunch saying the wind was up, and rushed back to the beach to go
sailing. Turned out to be a really fun session at Punta Blanca. 5.4
weather, but by the end pretty powered up and fun sized head (plus a
bit) waves. Sailed for about 5 hours as I knew it would be my last
chance of wind from the right sailing in a month! Was pretty exhausted
but then had to drive all the way south again to go to the prize
giving for the freestyle. Ended up having a really nice party until
the early hours, so pretty much a perfect day!

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