Tuesday, 9 June 2009


A bit of a late update as I have been really busy. Last week me and
Nayra had a great week in Morocco where we did our first wave camp. In
total we had 12 guys and it really was so much fun. Luckily the
conditions made things really easy, with the wind starting moderate
and picking up throughout the week. In the end nearly everyone had
bleeding hands, which is always a good sign. The whole group where all
a really good mix so we had a lot of fun. I then spent a week
reorganising my whole life. My parents moved house after nearly 30
years so I had to pack my whole life into boxes and then try to find
all the boxes to unpack them before they got lost again. Add to that
making an Ikea office and it was a full week of work. Now back to GC
briefly before heading off to Costa Brava to work for the PWA.

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