Saturday, 16 May 2009

Rhosneigr Wave Round 2

After coming to Rhosneigr for years the forecast finally delivered the
goods and provided us with howling winds and decent sized waves too.
The day started for me with a bit of slalom. Finished 4th in the first
round and had a lot of fun sailing on the RRD Freestyle Wave 85 and my
4.4 Boxer. I was cruising whilst the slalom guys were fighting.
Unfortunately I could only do the first round because the waves
started. Everything went well until the semi final against Ben
Proffitt. This is Bens local spot and he has it down. We had a good
fight, but he beat me on a split decision. I then had to go against
Phil Horrocks, another Rhossy local, and lost again in the losers
final. It means I finished 4th overall for the event which drops me to
3rd in the overall now. There is still a chance to come back in the
double, but the forecast is not looking great. Hopefully we get some

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