Monday, 22 December 2008


Here in GC we have had some really fun conditions. Nice waves and east winds means loads of good surfing and some almost great sailing too. We tried a couple of times to sail some north shore spots, but the wind is really gusty so its makes it hard. Managed to catch a few waves though. Been doing loads of surfing too and finally starting to get some good turns sorted out. Still miles to go, but its all coming together at the moment so makes it really exciting. Also had my new paddle board out on the water. A Naish 9.6 and its looks beautiful, almost too nice to go in the water!! The first day was a bit of a trauma, spending more time in the water than catching waves, but yesterday I got the hang of it and together with Nayra we started catching loads of waves. Really fun, and we have the perfect spot right in front of the house. Check out the couple of shots from yesterday. I took the shot of Nayra whilst riding the same wave next to her.

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