Monday, 10 November 2008

Loads of wind

Its been howling here in Maui almost solidly for the past week, plus
we have had some pretty fun sized waves the whole time. Nothing too
big, but almost everyday over head high, with the biggest sets at
least logo. Probably my favourite type of sailing here as you can push
it a bit, crash a lot and not get too punished. Standout sailors are
Levi, as always, just looking really good and sailing super
consistently. Little Camille Juban is also really stepping up. He is
small and gets away with using tiny boards, really using them to get
more vertical than most, plus with his surfing background he is
reading the waves well. Definitely a name to keep your eyes on. Lastly
Nayra is killing it on the water. She seems pretty fearless at the
moment and is charging into just about every section she can find.
Again she is getting really vertical on the wave and turning quite a
few heads. Thanks to KP for my pic.


Anonymous said...


Its Nathan here, remember me from the rainbow on maui about 8 years ago. I was looking after it with Claire. I stumbled on to your blog.
Anyway, been living in West Aus for the last 4 years. Sailing tons, and getting pretty familiar with the drive up to gnaraloo. Let me know if you are ever down this way. Keep ripping,

Skyeboy said...

Nice to hear from you Nathan. Not sure when I will next be in Oz, but when i do I will give you a shout.