Sunday, 5 October 2008

Good day in Sylt!

Well yesterday was definitely a good day in Sylt. In the morning we
had tricky onshore light wind conditions, but I managed to do just
enough to beat Nik Baker. Then I went head to head with Jonas and
although I had a pretty good heat, he advanced, leaving me in 5th.
Still I am really happy, especially considering I haven't sailed in a
month with me knee. Sometimes a rest is good! I now keep my fingers
crossed for Nayra who has a battle with Junko Nagoshi to decide who
gets 3rd in the event and also 3rd overall for the year.


Anonymous said...

Great result, shame you had to do for all the other Brits on the way through!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Johny!
Congrats for the result! You should also be proud for Nayra's 3rd!!! Thats great!!

Did some attempts yesterday with "nuclear" wind. No loop yet..

Nicholas Athens, Greece

Skyeboy said...

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks a lot and keep going with those loops. Remember the light wind technique and give it a few goes whenever you are not planing.

Nayra is super stoked and has the best trophy ever!!