Friday, 19 September 2008

Siam Park Wave pool

As part of our International Windsurf Clinic we took everyone to the
new Siam Water Park yesterday as their was no wind. It features a wave
pool which can fire out an impressive wave over head high. Thanks to
Dany and Nayra they let us grab our surf boards and become the first
ever public people to try the wave. So much fun and a really unique
experience. Its weird waiting for waves staring at a wall. Suddenly
there is a massive explosion, and a solid 2 metre high wave comes
flying at you. In the morning they were testing the wave for beginners
and therefore it was a bit of a closeout, but in the afternoon they
set it up as a right hander and we were able to catch a couple of nice
long waves. Really impressive. At the moment they don't know how they
will run the place, but as soon as they do i think we will be back for
some more.

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