Tuesday, 15 July 2008

3rd Super Session

Well the actual comp may not have gone to plan, but the Super Session
went some way to help. The last day was so windy and they decided to
run a Super Session. I was in the first heat against Philip and having
been sailing with him so much the last few months it was really nice
to go head to head. He had possibly the biggest jump ever, but I
managed to just beat him with a double. In the final I managed 3rd,
beating Kauli. However it was really all about Ricardo. He had all his
protection on and was going crazy. Planing double, massive stalled
double and then a triple. In the end me and Victor were just sailing
around watching him. Full respect Ricardo, you are crazy! I now head
to Fuerte for some very relaxed 5.3 wave sailing!


Anonymous said...

Well done for getting to the final of the expression session! I, along with a few people, watched most of the event on the live webcam and just couldn't believe the consistently high standard of every heat. It really does seem that there is no such thing as an easy drawer now.

How did you find the RRDs?

Skyeboy said...

Thanks a lot for your comments.

I am loving the new boards. I was able to just jump on them and go which was great, just really easy. Cant wait to get my hands on a few more of them now. Hopefully getting the full range of Wave Twins next week!! its going to be like Christmas!