Monday, 14 April 2008

Wind AND waves

Well finally the conditions switched on here in Maui. Yesterday was a fun head to logo high and super windy for a 4.7. Then today was even bigger, getting just about over mast high in the sets. The whole world was shooting today at Hookipa and it was chaos at times. Really fun though. Conditions are set to improve over the next few days so I am guessing it will be massive.


Anonymous said...

How are getting on with the Boxer and what prompted the switch from Sessions?

I confess to being a Boxer junkie having finally made the switch from "normal" sails about two years ago!

Skyeboy said...

I absolutely love the boxer and to be honest it has transformed my sailing. The main thing for me is the feel of the sail through the back hand. I used to have this years ago with my Arrows sails (back in the day), and hadn't realised how much I miss it. The first time I used the Boxer and had that feeling again everything came together for me.

I think it is all about personal preference, but certainly for me I like to feel what the sail is doing. I have many friends that hate this and look for a more neutral feeling, which the Session does perfectly.

For me though I cant beat the Boxer.